Meet The Team

Tim Gathercole 1Tim Gathercole 1Tim Gathercole

Tim Gathercole

Design Manager
Placeholder ProfilePlaceholder ProfileAlan Dickinson

Alan Dickinson

Technical Sales
Claudiu Vrabie 1Claudiu Vrabie 1Claudiu Vrabie

Claudiu Vrabie

David Kelso 1David Kelso 1David Kelso

David Kelso

Managing Director
Ed Kelso 1Ed Kelso 1Edward Kelso

Edward Kelso

Head of Operations
Gary HiggsGary HiggsGary Higgs

Gary Higgs

Placeholder ProfilePlaceholder ProfileIan Goodwin

Ian Goodwin

Sales Director
Paul Bryant 1Paul Bryant 1Paul Bryant

Paul Bryant

Facilities and Health & Safety Manager
Paul SykesPaul SykesPaul Sykes

Paul Sykes

RachelRachelRachel Ansell

Rachel Ansell

Sales Office Manager
Rocco2 CropRocco2 CropRocco


Senior Dogsbody