Meet The Team

David Kelso 1David Kelso 1 David Kelso

David Kelso

Managing Director
MD, Exerciser and personal assistant to Rocco. A student of Economics who tries to apply this to the manufacture & design of packaging. Otherwise I spend too much time playing about with cars, out riding my bike or travelling.
Ed Kelso 1Ed Kelso 1 Edward Kelso

Edward Kelso

Head of Operations
Father of two and avid guitar player who enjoys weight lifting in his spare time. Fastidious in detail, much to the frustration of others. Uses his past experience in asset management and finance to bring something extra to the team.
Tim Gathercole 1Tim Gathercole 1 Tim Gathercole

Tim Gathercole

Design Manager
Packaging and computer geek, who’s been known to compete in Ultra-distance bicycle races and tries not fall down too much when Skiing. He’s other hobbies include watching too many movies and Anime plus attempting world domination by writing AI programmes.
Placeholder ProfilePlaceholder Profile Alan Dickinson

Alan Dickinson

Technical Sales
Placeholder ProfilePlaceholder Profile Ian Godwin

Ian Godwin

Sales Director
Paul Bryant 1Paul Bryant 1 Paul Bryant

Paul Bryant

HR, Facilities and Health & Safety Manager
RachelRachel Rachel Ansell

Rachel Ansell

Sales Office Manager
Rocco2 CropRocco2 Crop Rocco


Senior Dogsbody
Rocco’s main job is as David’s personal trainer. He’s hobbies include eating, sleeping and chasing things.
Theminion500Theminion500 The Minion

The Minion

Artificial Intelligence Design program
The minion lives to find the optimum design solutions for your products. It’s hobbies include continuous learning and keeping the robot sample table overworked.